Winning Sporting Clays – It’s All in Your Mind by Lanny Bassham, Audio CD’s



“Winning Sporting Clays, It’s All in Your Mind” is specific to Sporting Clays and FITASC type events. The 6 CD audio program takes the principles and techniques that Lanny Bassham teaches and applies them directly to the Sporting Clays shooter. Winning Sporting Clays includes a discussion of the tournament mental system that he teaches to the shooters that attend his training seminars in his studios. You will learn how shooters develop consistent mental performances. You will learn how to significantly reduce the mental errors that you might make in a competition resulting in more targets hit and greater enjoyment of the sport. Bassham discusses the common errors Sporting Clays shooters make and how to avoid them. In addition much is said about pressure control, how to build Self-Image and how to train the mind at the same time that you are training the gun-body system.

CD, Lanny Bassham, Winning Sporting Clays – It’s All in Your Mind