Catalog Engravings

K-80 Gold Superscroll engraving, gold trigger and gold broken target top latch with upgraded Turkish walnut stock and forearm.


The unadorned surfaces and contours of the K-80 and K-20 offer a generous – and superb – canvas for creating engravings of every style and type. The large selection of standard engraving motifs shows the endless creative options for embellishing these shotguns and rifles. Many shooters make the K-80 or K-20 their very own competition shotgun by expressing their individual tastes; of course, the engraving is a fundamental part of this.

Asprey Scroll
Bavaria Royale
Bavaria Suhl
Bavaria Suhl Mystic
Celtic II
Crown Grade
Gold Bavaria Royale
Gold Highland Game Scene I
Gold Highland Game Scene II
Gold Uplander
Gold Plantation Scroll
Gold Standard
Gold Super Scroll
Gold Victorian Scroll
Gold Symphony
Heritage Game Scene I
Heritage Game Scene II
Heritage Scroll
Highland Game Scene I
Highland Game Scene II
Monte Carlo
Parcours Scroll
Parcours Special
Plantation Scroll
San Remo
Sovereign Scroll
Super Standard
Suhl Scroll
Super Scroll
Victorian Scroll
Vienna Scroll
Vintage Scroll
Waterfowl Medallion

Rifle Catalog Engravings

Our handcrafted rifles testify to a mastery of the classic art of gunmaking that is rarely encountered today. A sample repertoire of this ancient craft is on display here: from the border decoration on the barrels to the flawless stock and meticulous engravings. The guns created in this manner make the hears of connoisseurs beat faster and reflect a knowledge of the history of hunting guns that is seldom found today. The art of gunmaking as a link between the most sophisticated technology and the finest aesthetics defines the philosophy behind Krieghoff.

Classic Rifle Large Game Scene with Oak Leaves
Classic Rifle Hand-engraved arabesque motif on both sides
Optima Standard Engraved Boarders
Semprio Standard Engravings
Semprio Catalog Engraving Upgrades