K-80 ACS

K-80 ACS. All Clay Sports

The ACS puts our founder Ludwig Krieghoff's axiom "you shoot with the barrel, you hit with the stock" into practice. The ACS buttstock has a #6 Adjustable Parallel comb that puts the shooter's eye directly over the rib. The ACS rib is raised high to facilitate a "heads-up" mount with adjustable front rib wheel to adjust the POI from 60/40 to 70/30 on the O/U and all the way to 100% on the Unsingle barrel. The ACS combo is the perfect solution for Trap shooters with a combination of an over/under barrel and an unsingle barrel allowing the shooter to shoot singles trap, doubles trap and even Sporting Clays or Skeet. The ACS is the complete "All Competition Sporting" shotgun.

12 Gauge; 3” chambers
Barrel Lengths:
30” or 32”; Over/Under with 10mm tapered adjustable rib
34" unsingle 10mm tapered adjustable rib
Right-handed or Left handed “ACS Parallel” stock with adjustable comb, palm swell and “Trap/Skeet” forearm.


  • Free-floated barrel set
  • 10mm tapered calibrated wheel adjustable rib (O/U and Unsingle)
  • Extended factory screw-in chokes, incl. five titanium choke tubes (Eight with Combo) and choke wrench (IM/F,IC,M,SF) (F,M,IM)
  • Nickel plated steel action
  • Hinge screws, top latch, screws and pins are blued
  • Selectable, mechanical single trigger
  • Length adjustable trigger blade
  • Light scroll engraving pattern
  • Adjustable comb
  • #6 parallel ACS Stock
  • Skeet/Trap Forearm
  • SEF (Satin Epoxy Finish) stock finish
  • Krieghoff Negrini one-barrel gun case, Krieghoff Negrini two-barrel case in ACS Combo

Related Parts and Accessories

Factory Options

Additional Factory options include Factory Titanium Chokes, Sub-Gauge barrels in 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge and .410. Adjust your gun's balance with optional Barrel Weights and the Krieghoff Balance System. Reduce felt recoil by having the factory provide Barrel Porting and customized your stock fit with an Krieghoff Adjustable Butt Plate system.

Specifications And Options

Titanium – Options
  • Titanium trigger, trigger group made of steel
  • Titanium Front Hanger
  • Five Titanium screw-in chokes
Titanium – Options, Black
  • Titanium trigger, trigger group made of steel, matte black
  • Titanium Front Hanger, matte black
  • Five Titanium screw-in chokes, matte black
Titanium – Options, Gold Plated
  • Titanium trigger, trigger group made of steel, gold plated
  • Titanium Front Hanger, gold plated
  • Five Titanium screw-in chokes, gold plated
Matched Pairs

Upcharge of 10% with any order of a matching pair. This includes consecutive numbers and Stocks matching in color, figure and weight. Both guns are identically balanced.

Krieghoff Balance System
  • The barrel can be provided with up to three additional 1.4 oz weights underneath the forend, thus making an increase of 4.2 oz at the front end possible.
  • The buttstock can be equipped with a special stock bolt, which is 1.4 oz heavier than a standard stock bolt, and can accept up to three additional 1oz weights. Thus, making buttstock up to 4.4 oz  heavier.
  • 12 Gauge (3″), chambers are chrome plated
Barrel length
  • 30″ O/U With 10mm floating adjustable rib
  • 32″ O/U With 10mm floating adjustable rib
  • 34″ Unsingle floating adjustable rib
Krieghoff Balance System – Barrel weight

The barrel can be provided with up to three additional 1.4 oz weights underneath the forend, thus king an increase of 4.2 oz at the front end possible.

Barrel Porting

Available from the factory for 12 Gauge barrels to reduce felt recoil and muzzle jump.

Krieghoff HIVIZ Pro

High Visibility fiber optic optional shotgun sight

Interchangeable Barrel Sets
  • K-80 Pro-Sporting, with screw-in chokes: Barrel length: 30″ or 32″; soldered top rib: 10 mm taper flat, soldered; free-floated barrel set

Basically, the K-80 can be fitted with all available K-80 barrel sets. However, it should be noted that due to the different levels of top rib, the stock must be adjusted accordingly, or must also be replaced.

Extended Factory screw-in chokes

Additional Krieghoff Titanium Extended screw-in chokes are available in 12 Gauge & 20 Gauge in constrictions ranging from Cylinder (.000″) to Super Full (.040″).  Also, available in steel are the Krieghoff Steel Extended screw-in chokes for 28 Gauge and .410 Bore.

Chokes are available in the following constrictions:

Number Marking Size Constriction
00 CYL Cylinder .000″
0 SK Skeet .005″
1 IC Improved Cylinder .010″
1+ LM Light Modified .015″
2 M Modified IM .020″
2+ LIM Light improved Modified .025″
3 IM Improved Modified .030″
4 F Full .035″
5 SF Super Full* (12 Ga Only) .040″

Fixed Choke barrels can be modified to fit aftermarket screw-in choke tubes, however they must be a “thin-wall” type of choke tube.  The original Krieghoff Titanium Extended screw-in choke tubes cannot be added to fixed choke barrels.

Receiver finish options
  • Nickel plated receiver finish.  Nickel is our most durable finish option for a receiver.  The nickel resists corrosion and provides a great finish for hard use.  Nickel is not available in conjunction with Gold Plating.
  • Blued receiver finish.  The Krieghoff Blued finish is a deep black color and provides a traditional look to a modern gun.
  • Nitrated receiver finish.  A nitrated finish is common on heavily engraved guns, especially with gold inlays and custom engravings. The nitrated finish provides a coin-grey finish and is easy to maintain.
  • Color case hardened finish.  Color case hardening is one of the original gun finishes available for fine shotguns.  With variations of blues, grays and straw colors the process makes a unique finish each time. Less durable than Nickel or Nitrated finishes we finalize the finish with a clear lacquer to provide an additional layer of protection.
Lock finish options
    • Internal lock parts nickel plated
    • Internal lock parts gold plated, triggers not included and must be specified
    • Titanium trigger (including trigger group), gold plated
    • Titanium trigger; trigger group made of steel; gold plated
    • Titanium trigger; trigger group made of steel, black
Engraving options
Woodstock category
  • Standard Grade
  • Category 001 (CAT001)
  • Category 002 (CAT002)
  • Category 003 (CAT003)
  • Category 004 (CAT004)
  • Category 005 (CAT005)
  • Exhibition Grade or Custom
    • A custom fit stock is almost entirely hand made with only minimal pre-machining. A typical stock dimensions and longer stock lengths generally require a custom fit stock. Further information on request.
Exclusive wood categories as stock blanks (hand-crafted)

Due to the high cost of raw materials, wood grades higher than CAT005 often require a custom-made stock. The exclusive Exhibition stock blanks are limited. Therefore the availability cannot be guaranteed.

Left-handed stock

Left-handed stocks available.

Hand-crafted stock
  • Custom made stock with ergonomic grip and finger grooves as well as an adjustable butt plate
  • Buttstock with standard dimensions
  • Buttstock with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications
  • Forearm with standard dimensions
  • Forearm with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications, beavertail or semi-beavertail forearm
Wood Stock Finish Options
  • Satin Epoxy Spray Finish (Standard)
  • High Gloss Epoxy Spray Finish
  • Open Pore Oil Finish is a matte oil-rubbed finish with open grain
  • Tru Oil Finish is a glossy oil-rubbed finish with closed pores & grain

Monogram plate

  • Inlet into pistol grip cap
  • Steel pistol grip cap fully covering
  • Two letters engraved
  • Two letters engraved in relief style
  • Two letters in silver
  • Two letters in gold
Krieghoff Balance System – Stock weight for K-80

The buttstock can be equipped with a special stock bolt, which is 1.4 oz heavier than a standard stock bolt, and can accept up to three additional 1 oz weights.

Adjustable butt plate

Krieghoff Adjustable Butt Plate is available.

Note: Fitting may require removing up to 3/4″ of the buttstock to maintain the same LOP.

Length of pull adjustment option

For K-80s with #6 and Trap Special buttstocks the length of pull (LOP) can be easily adjusted with the addition of optional pre-fitted 1/4″ spacers.  Other stocks can easily be adjusted for LOP with a Krieghoff Adjustable Butt Plate and pre-fitted spacers.

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