DVD, Bruce Scott, Your Extra X’s



Over the years Sunrise Productions has produced over 40 different shooting programs with some of the best shotgunners in the world. All of these videos are about how that particular instructor shoots and they have been helpful to many shooters over the years. After reviewing all of these presentations, we felt that by taking the best explanations of the many different fundamentals and styles from each instructor and combining them into one DVD would help shooters refine their shooting and gain them some extra Xs on their score card. This DVD will help you developed the fundamentals of good shotgunning and allow you develop your own style of shooting. This presentation covers almost everything any shotgunner should know to improve their shooting skills. You will find this DVD to be the best investment you will ever make in you shooting career. For less than the cost of one flat of shotgun shells, you will get an understanding of successful shotgunning that will take your shooting to a much higher level.

DVD, Bruce Scott, Your Extra X